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As all known, every family has their own heating system; however, most people know the brand of their boiler only, but not the entire system include piping and parts. Every system has huge difference because of different radiator. Unwisely installation of heating system will cause the following condition:

  •          the heating media run not smooth( bubble sound)
  •          not enough heat
  •          retention plug the piping system
  •          leaking
  •          short the lifespan of the boiler
  •          waste gas

A boiler lifespan is about 15 years. A wise design and installation will bring you and your family the comfortable.


Our company has TECA HYDRONIC SYSTEM DESIGN certificate, we are able to calculate the heat loss, design and install your heating system according to your situation.

BC 2000 Plumbing & Heating Ltd. was found on 2002. After more than 10 years growing, BC 2000 has many experienced boiler and water system technicians, they all trained and certified. Till now, More

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